15 November 2009

The Age of Restoration

I've been away for a while. Not that I haven't been blogging. I went to Kathmandu for a few weeks and created a separate blog to record that trip. You can check it out here: http://halifax-to-kathmandu.blogspot.com/

Now, to the point of this entry: climate change. Oooh this is not a popular phrase. It's over-used, abused, mistreated, capitalized, enlarged and made bold in advertisements and on billboards. Yes, it's almost synonymous with doomsday...almost. But wait a minute! Why is talking about climate change so unpopular? Well, you know that the powers that be, who have an invested interest in there NOT being a climate change crisis, are doing all they can to make 'climate change' a bad word. Are we all that naive? I don't think so, but once media gets into the mix, it's a nightmare.

My point. Climate change is a wake up call. Is it doomsday? No, of course not. We are living in the 'age of restoration', a period of an awakening, where we're waking up to the realities and looking for solutions, innovations, fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. We are identifying with our similarities as opposed to our differences. We are seeking collaborations instead of retreating behind trenches. As a Shaman from Greenland (Angaangaq) stated, we need to melt the ice in the heart of man.

Now is the time to celebrate life, the earth, nature and all mankind. We have to protect that which feeds us, supports us, nourishes us and keeps us alive. We need to celebrate diversity, innovation, community, etc.

I'm inspired by the climate change argument. People are talking about it, thinking about our environment; corporations are being forced, by public opinion, to change their ways. Yes, we are in a dire situation and we have to change our ways now or maybe doomsday will be the reality. My argument is that we shouldn't be getting all depressed and bummed about the situation. Rather, we should be taking on the challenge to change. We should be energized by our new awareness. This is the time to come together and do the right thing. I'm completely engaged in the process and can feel the energy in others who get involved. This new growth of positive energy is infectious and soon we all will be funneling our attentions towards sustainable development and lifestyles.

For all those out there who are in denial about the current state of the world, put down your armour. Now is not the time to get defensive. We are in the age of restoration. As history dictates, enlightenment precedes change...it's hard to stop a moving train.

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