19 January 2014

Frankenstein Lives!

The movie I, Frankenstein is coming next week and I am taking my son to see it. It's meant to be a treat for him but I'm secretly looking forward to it. Frankenstein is one of my favourite books. In the new movie, Frankenstein is still alive 200 years later and I think it a well timed release. Ah human pride. What suffering comes from it.

I was reading the news this morning and thought about the creature. Frankenstein is everywhere...he lives on. We see him in the neo-colonial world of hubris. We see him in the technological explosion and in our increasingly individualistic society. We've created a beast that we do not care for and cannot control; and we would love to abandon and destroy the beast were he not already so powerful and running amok. Made from our own hands, fashioned in our best interest...we've played god with the world and now it's not at all what we wanted nor expected.

Look at the politicians, jet-setting around the world in an attempt to manipulate or rein-in the beast. Who are they to be given this power? What gives them the right to play god with people's lives? Pride. Arrogance. And what is their aim exactly? Their goal? What do you do with something you've created that you cannot control?

The creators have abandoned the creation and now seek to control or destroy what they've made now that it threatens to destroy the creator. A cruel fate for blind ingenuity.

I know this movie will not live up to Shelley's original work in any way but I am curious to see how they portray the creature. He is definitely our shadow...a constant reminder of our dark side and a lesson never learned.

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