28 December 2007

Fair Energy Plan

How about reworking the pricing of energy? Set a target for energy consumption per household, an average cost of energy consumption for power and heat. Then set pricing according to the average energy costs per household; a lesser cost for households consuming energy below average consumption rates, a higher cost for households consuming energy above the average household consumption rate.

Why do we need to do this? It seems unlikely that people who consume excessive amounts of energy will cease to do so without incentive. It is likely that those who are responsible consumers of energy will continue to be so if they are rewarded. This cost reduction will aid people in the lower income categories who most likely consume below average energy rates. And, for those who continue to consume large amounts of energy for superficial reasons, there will be a penalty and incentive to look at alternative renewable energy resources such as solar panels and energy efficient appliances.

We all have to start acting more responsibly for environmental reasons. That's a no brainer. However, we're reluctant to change. Sometimes we need a gentle push in the right direction.

Will this plan help? Yes. Who will it benefit? Low to middle range households and environmentally conscientious homeowners. Who will it not benefit? large households and excessive energy consumers.

If someone can afford to, and continues to consume energy above and beyond what is needed by the average household, that person should pay extra. Seems simple enough. Now, who has the guts to do it?

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