13 December 2007

Snap Out of It! Enough Already.

Why do we do something we know is wrong? Where's the sense? It baffles me how humans consistently do the wrong thing. Why won't we stop polluting? Why do we say we care about the destruction of the environment yet do nothing to stop it? And yes, I'm using the 'royal we'. There are some wise folks out there who actually walk the talk but they are the minority. I'm no hero. Sure, I do my part: recycle, buy locally, small car, live downtown, small house, small footprint, etc. However, I still put out bags of garbage every two weeks, consume energy daily, buy plastics and convenience items from far away lands. I feel bad about that but when I look around me at the incredible consumption rate of greedy materialistic people driving SUVs, living in ridiculously big houses, gorging on pre-packaged junk food, discarding mounds of garbage...I feel a little less guilty, although disgusted.

What is it? Don't people travel? Don't they see the harsh living conditions in many developing countries? Do they not see the poor living on the street in their own community? Don't they care? Aren't' they ashamed of their extravagant lifestyle compared to that of the poor? No? Well, I am.

Where's the wisdom? Where's the common sense? Is it a problem with westernized values? Are we so focused on money and success we're blinded to the reality of the world? In the western world, we've lost ourselves. We've sold out mother nature, we've sold out society. I don't think we'll be struck by lightning (although some deserve it, eh Alberta?). No, rather, our punishment is a dying world rife with pain, suffering, war, disease, hatred, terrorism, greed, and loss.

Do I think life sucks? No. I think life is great, think about kids, friends, family, animals, nature, humour, music, school, sports, spiritualism, etc. I don't think we're doomed yet, we have a chance to change things for the better.

How can we change? I think we need to rethink our values in life. I think more focus and power should be in the hands of local government as opposed to distant leaders. I think people who abuse the environment should be held accountable for their actions. I think the education system has to change to be able to meet the needs of our reality and prepare for the future. I think people should get a voice, read more, travel more, and stop competing for the newest and best trinkets on the market. I think the media should be more responsible and stop the sad and pathetic decline to the world of TV entertainment.

There, that shouldn't be too hard. Right?

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