03 May 2013

Therapy Session

Is your life crazy? Work too crazy? Love life too crazy? Family life too crazy? What to do? I have no idea. How can we handle multiple pressures without getting crushed? Sometimes I bemoan the situation I am in...or in which I find myself.  Perhaps you do the same.

I sometimes play this mind-game where I attempt to make sense of all the craziness, which only makes me think "good lord, this is way too much to handle." And so, I prefer to acknowledge that my situation could be way worse...as it is for many people. I think about being selfish, greedy, needy and insecure. I think about being fortunate for what I do have and try not to focus on what is wrong or missing. It is a mental-game, but it works.

Often it is said that life is a puzzle and we have to figure out what piece is missing.  I disagree! Life is a mystery and all we can do is do our best with what we have. By that I mean that we have to do what we think it right and try not to hurt anyone in the process. To hell with the missing piece.

But, caution...do not foolishly skip around thinking only of how great is the world. There are villains out there. I am not referring to criminals but those who try to destroy others for their own gain. Watch out for them. Watch but do not react. Many villains are lost and do not realize that they are destructive. Some think they are doing the right thing. Beware. They will try to lead you astray. Be wise. Be confident. Be brave.

In reality, often for many people the world is too much. It's very depressing. There's a lot of pain and sorrow and it can drag you down. Sometimes you don't want to know and prefer to bury your head in the sand. But you cannot do this! You must face it...and being courageous will make you stronger.

Lead yourself and others will follow. Don't wait for others to act or lead you. There are no heroes, only ordinary people doing things that we all ought to do. Believe in the impossible. Empower yourself and try to find a focus, a passion, a path. The worst thing is to be an aimless wanderer. Worse still to be a sheep.

Mistakes will be made so learn from them, don't repeat them. Mistakes are common, it happens. No one is perfect.  Don't dwell on mistakes. Change your attitude.

What excites you? What inspires you? What makes you happy? Answer these questions privately, no one needs to know. Don't be jealous or insecure. Don't envy others. Everyone is different and on a different path. No two can be the same. Yours is unique and only you get to experience it. No one is completely happy and if they say they are, c'mon...they are lying.

Listen to happy music! Good, punchy, mood-changing music and dance to it. Thank god for music! You are the writer of your own story. Make it a good one!

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