24 November 2013

Exercise is Spiritual

Ah, my poor wee blog. So neglected lately. Seems I've not been sharing much lately. So she goes.

Today I write about exercise. To me, lacking any sense of connection to any organized religion and amused by the unwarranted devotion and fake sincerity of zealots, the gym may be the closest thing I have to a church.

Yes, exercise is a spiritual experience. I can only speak for myself but it seems that the point at which I cross the threshold, swimming or running, is the closest I will ever got to any sort of god. When the mind and body split, it IS a spiritual experience. What happens at that point...the threshold? Why is it at a certain point in exercise the body shifts into automatic and frees the mind? It's a fantastic experience and I think people who experience passing the threshold want to re-experience the sensation again and again.

Might I add that it comes natural to kids...who know the joy of exercise and play.

It takes a lot of time and practice to get to the point of being able to pass the threshold. It takes work and commitment. The improved fitness and health, well, they are just rewards for dedicating time to yourself. Exercise decreases stress and makes you feel good. You look better, walk taller, feel like you're achieving something. What religion is better than that? What religion can make people feel good and live better without hurting, judging and denouncing others? Name one. I can't.

When you stop exercising, you start to feel bad, maybe even look bad, and feel guilty or disappointed in yourself. Why is this? I think it is because of a lost connection to something that is, or was, a spiritual experience. I don't know, maybe this massive technological explosion is cutting off our spiritual connection which would be disastrous. Maybe it will be our downfall.

Go get some exercise please.

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